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About The Topaz Club:
Founded in January, 2004, The Topaz Club (better known as 'TTC') is an online-based social/support sisterhood for biracial/multiracial women and girls who are of African/African-American descent in combination with other heritages.
TTC exists to serve as:
1)  A professional, social, and support network for the described ladies above.
2)  A forum to discuss issues that affect us as multiracial women/girls and as females in general.
3)  An educational resource in which to become better educated about our diverse heritages.
The main angle of TTC is to address the needs and interests of the biracial/multiracial female who is part black racially, especially since there are unique challenges that she faces, in identity, with family and friends, and within the black community.

Comments from TTC members about The Topaz Club:
-"The Topaz Club has opened my eyes to the wondrous diversity of life, not divided by colour barriers."
-"TTC has provided support, insight, and a platform for discussions such as race, personal care, the arts, politics, and the media."
-"I don't always have time to look at the TTC boards, however, everytime I do, I read something interesting, something that makes me go "Hey, I get that too," something that makes me realize that I'm not alone."
-"Joining TTC has been one of the most fun and interesting activities I have participated in for some time.  TTC truly feels like the sisterhood that it is even though we are in different locations.  One of my favorite things to do during the day is to check my e-mail to see if there is anything posted from any of us.  I've met new friends and learned a lot of different things that I would have never had the chance to do otherwise.  TTC is not a cybergroup!  It is a real and physical entity."
-"The Topaz Club has been an influence in helping to instill a stronger sense of pride in my being a mixed race woman - amongst and with other women who are like me.  I wish I had this resource when I was growing up, but I'm proud that it exists for me today.  It is one of the most diverse groups I have ever belonged to.  There is truly a feeling of comraderie and sisterhood within the TTC circle."

Are you interested in joining TTC?  If so, then please contact us!  Upon contacting us, tell us a little bit about yourself, about how you found out about TTC, and why you would like to become a member of our sisterhood.


The Yellow Rose - TTC's Official Flower: Symbolizing Friendship and Joy Between its Members

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"Head of a Mulatto Woman (Mrs. Eaton) by Joanna Boyce, mid 19th century (England)

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